Is Everyone Gay Now Damn

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(That Was Meant To be A Little Sarcastic For Any Of You Who Couldn't Tell)

Well it seems as if when i was ranting on and on about not having any gay friends or knowing any. What do you know they start coming out of the woodwork. Like for instance now in my school program there are 4 other bisexual girls. I mean i haven't talked to any of them about them being bi cause i don't really want to talk to them about it then they out me to the whole school. I might talk to this girl that rides my bus Kristina we hit it off good pretty much. She is way more outgoing and everything but i will test the waters and see if any harm will come from talking to her about it.

The big thing that get's me is when did all these people just start popping up around me that are gay. When i have never conciously met another gay person till last year. So i was always just me not knowing if anyone was gay or anything. Now it feels so weird because i don't know if i should start being like this person i wanna be now that i finally have other gay teens around me. It's all just weird like how does it go from one day no other girls or guys there are gay then to oh this. I mean i know it isn't like they just popped up they must have been in the closet or isn't something they talk much about like me.

Just so strange but i just wanted to give that update for anyone that cares. Have a great rest of the week and peace.


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this happpened to me to, But

this happpened to me to, But i think it's more that you jsut start noticing it more at a certain age then you did when you were younger, like cancer it's everywhere once you see it once

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i think that in this way bein

i think that in this way being gay is like being, say, goth...or punk, or part of any subculture, i guess; you begin to start paying attention to people like you, it's not purposeful, mind you, it's just that you start to notice. interesting, i think.

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I dunno about you're school b

I dunno about you're school but at mine it seems that being bisexual is some sort of fad, especially this year, its one of my reasons for not teling anyone i'm a lesbian until I graduate, because I don't want people to think of me as another fad girl, or to end up going out with someone only to find out they were never really interested (which hapened to another girl I know).

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