is this normal

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okay when ever i talk to people and there all like "how does it feal to be gay" " or like when my mom starts talking about me being gay and coming out and stuff i sometimes feal embarrased or ashamed. is it normal to first feal that. idk. hit me up with that 411.

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i used to be like that when i

i used to be like that when i first started coming out - i think its pretty normal to feel uncomfortable at first. afterall, you've spent so long hiding your sexuality and not talking about it that suddenly being asked personal questions about it is bound to feel strange. dont worry, once i became more out and the whole gay issue wasnt an issue anymore, it became totally normal to talk about it. you'll be fine!

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awsome feed back thanks id

awsome feed back thanks

id like to get all the info i can on this so keep it comin thanks guys
-nicky- :0)

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I wsould throw back the how d

I wsould throw back the how doe it feel to be straight thing at them

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when I first started coming o

when I first started coming out, I began doubting myself every time I did.

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I think the reason this got t

I think the reason this got to me every time it happened was because I immediately thought, "Is it supposed to feel different from being straight? The only difference I know is in the sex of the people I am attracted to . . . it's not like I feel like I'm floating or like I get dizzy all the time or something . . ." I guess it's the implication that I'm supposed to feel markedly different from straight people that makes me get flustered. I think, "How am I supposed to respond to that?"

As for simply talking about gayness or gay issues (coming out, etc.), yeah, it would be weird at first just because you're not used to people suddenly paying attention to stuff like that or asking you stuff like that and expecting you to enter into a discussion.

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I guess

I totally know what you mean, I used to feel that way. I guess it just takes a while till you accept it,after that u really don't care what others may think

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I dont know if it is a specif

I dont know if it is a specific feeling to be gay, there is associated feelings iknow of, but thier caused by societies standards. All I can say is that you shouldn't let others get you down, and never be embaressed because of who you are.

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I feel like that too sometimes...

Yeah when I first came out my mom wanted to talk about coming out and being gay too and it was a little embarrassing. I agree with what many have said, that it's just a natural response to being in the closet for so long. But once you begin to talk to people it gets so much easier. Plus, for me at least, it helps strengthen my understanding of my sexuality and my resolve to come out to more people.

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Yep. People ask things and it

Yep. People ask things and it may be wierd but you get used to it. It's totally normal.