Its not much to read, just leave a comment or two, thanx.

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why is it that, i always and forever want to talk to her. but shes really busy all the time, and so i think she doesnt have time for me (well she really doesnt truthfully) i know its not her fault, just venting and saying it hurts... alot.--- comment please.


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*hugs*... I'm sorry that you're feeling lonely and hurt without seeing your friend so much. Try to get her alone to tell her about it, maybe. If she knows how you're feeling, maybe she can make time for you.

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yea but.

I wish it was just that easy, you see. she lives far away. its so hard memorizing her schedule. and when shes not doing anything, shes like out with her friends, or shes tired. and it sucks. its like i dont doubt her trust, i trust her fully, i just wish there were some way that she would make time for just me and her to talk. i just miss her thats all, and its so hard, her having things to do all the time. its hurts cause when i need her, i dont even know where she is half the time, and i know i should chillax and everything, people keep saying that, but they dont even know.

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sometimes people get caught up in their own lives...

If she's your friend, I'm sure she cares that you feel lonely. She probably doesn't realize how important she is to you. It probably has nothing to do with you, as a's just that sometimes people get so caught up with their own life, that they just don't think, you know? Not saying that your friend is self-centered or anything.

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thanks for your comment and a

thanks for your comment and advice i hope everything works out for you too

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Aww... I know how that feels

Aww... I know how that feels because my crush does that to me all the time(my crush is my friend). It's as if I feel that she has no time to talk to me, through which I can ask her if she likes me back. But that can't happen, she's busy. What I usually do is to approach her before anyone else would, and there we can chat, but only for several minutes because of her super many friends. but eventhough it's only a short while, it means a lot to me since we rarely talk. I think what you can do is try to approach her during a time when you think she's not that busy. There are a lot of communication paraphernalia you know, so you can try phoning, texting, or chatting with her, right?
I hope this helps, and I hope I have somehow alleviated the pain you are feeling right now. *HUG*
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hmm wow... **************

hmm wow...

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