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'Kay. I have begun a rumor inadvertently. Well. I shouldn't say *I've* stared a rumor. I've had a rumor started about me. Or at least the beginnings of one. Was in gym today and we were waiting for the bell to ring. This girl (I'll call her...B1.) was talking to this other girl (basketball player, very cute) and I can read lips fairly well. Especially if it's the blantantly obvious: "She's gay." Then they all started looking at me. This girl and another one had been looking at me weird all throughout gym. God only knows why, I have no idea what I did and I'll probably be getting these stares for the rest of the semester, but ANYWAY, another girl I know, who's so sweet and nice comes over there and B1 starts talking to her. She told me later that B1 was telling the other girl what I already knew.

So...yeah. Fun times for all.

It's not that I don't care if they know, it just annoys me when other people talk behind my back.


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ugh. rumors. it'd be so much

ugh. rumors. it'd be so much simpler if the people who started them would just tell you to your face...but then, it wouldn't be the same.

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just look them in the eye and

just look them in the eye and ask them if you can help them? perhaps they would like a private display? no? then stop talking about what you do in your bedroom.

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