Just A Nonsense Post . . .

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So basically i am going to talk to my therapist tomorrow and see if she can help me figure out why i keep latching(emotionally) on to older women. See if she can also help me to get the confidence to start and seperate myself from being dependant emotionally to my family. So that i can start living my life for me and not for them and to try and make sure they are ok. So i know that these aren't big problems and are really stupid but they are my problems. I know that problems like a girl at school getting kicked out and other things because she's gay. I just sometimes feel as if i shouldn't be worrying over my little problems when others have it worst. I am very fortunate and grateful that my life isn't any more hectic than it could be given the choices i could have made. Well that was it just a little post. Hope everyone has a safe rest of the week.


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I don't think your problems are

I don't think your problems are stupid, problems are problems and if your unhappy with them you should try to fix them, and you are so Good Luck with everything.

"Here I lay
still and breathless
just like always
still I want some more"
- Deftones