"make me straight?"

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my friend ryan, who is super cool...but he's a guy...
is trying to make me "straight".
or well, now he is just trying to make me bi.
and im wondering.
he likes me, then, right?
because i feel like the joke is only half joke and half reality.
and he's great. which is why it sucks.
i dont want him to like me, because i feel really bad...and at the same time...
he is TOTALLY confusing me.
i mean, yea, i gueeeess i could be bi...
but. uh.
i dont like penises.
and with guys, theres kind of not really a way of getting around that.
its just ew...i cant like guys.
but all the same i feel really bad for him.
if he likes me..aw god, that would suck.

for those who are my or were the readers of the wednesday/amelia story.
i should let you know that i have written half of an installment. (is that the right word?)



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I can imagine...

I can imagine how confusing that would be... I can't think of much to say, except that I hope it clears up soon. Good luck with getting reality sorted from the joke.

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