Military solicitation strikes Again!

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Do you have friends that just don't listen when you tell them that you're GLBTQ? Do you have friends that don't communicate?

Do you call them the Army and the Army National Guard?
Because that's what I call mine, and how I love them!

My favorite part is that they address me as "Dear American" and then try and seduce me with many dollars toward my education...but my education is more expensive than the many dollars they want to give me! $60,000 wouldn't even pay for two full years at the college I will be attending, and the added $20,000 enlistment bonus won't be enough to cover the end and a third.

"The Guard even allows you to join while you're still in high school" Should this excite me? Because to be quite honest it doesn't.

"Guard members work and raise families while earning extra money and benefits for their part-time guard service" But could I talk about my family to my fellow members? Or would that fall under the category of don't ask don't tell?

"Enlisting in the Guard today means you will have important advantages for the rest of your life"
What kind of advantages and what must I do to get them?

I think that the military is a great place for some people, don't get me wrong, but I can't enlist in something that won't let me be honest, I just don't want to hide under the old sweaters!

The Military does provide people with good benefits and educational opportunities that they may otherwise not be able to have, but it's not the place for me.
I'm going to wait for the Guard to call and tell them that I am gay so that they will leave me alone like the other two branches that I have spoken to, which will only leave the Navy and the Air Force.

Sidenote: My mother happened upon soemthing on logo that I recorded by mistake and watched it...she has since taken to watching the channel and apparently watch transgeneration yesterday and "Enjoyed it" she is currently recording a movie and has added the channel to the's the only channel on the favorites.

I find this new development comforting and reassuring and yet also little red flags are popping up declaring "I know! I know! I know!"
Which is fine because it implies that she is accepting and also giving me my own time to tell her, but it also makes me feel very awkward and worried that maybe she doesn't know and I'm misreading her.

There is also the possibility that she just loves to watch gay people, that she finds us amusing and happy.

I don't know. My mother is either incredibly dense--which is a possibility, or far more understanding than I ever thought she could be...or maybe when she overheard me telling the military recruiter that I'm gay on the phone she thought I was coming out to her...wouldn't that make things easy.


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If you want to make a career out of attacking places then go ahead an join...

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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I remember when the armed services began calling me. I tried explaining to them that I couldn't because I have a foot injury that precludes me from service. I thought that would end it. But they still call me every birthday. They're really desperate for recruits, even though they're firing specialists who are gay all the time.

If you want to serve, you should do it. Or serve your country in another way that allows you to be open and honest.

Do what you want, and see where it takes you. You can always go through Basic, and leave if you realize it's not for you.

Good luck!

Peace Out

"War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands."
-H. L. Mencken

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Unfortunately, you can't just

Unfortunately, you can't just go through Basic Training and go "Well, I know I don't want to be in the military." They can still recall you if they need people fast. There's a guy I know who goes to my church in Savannah. When he was out of high school, he went through basic training, and no more, and decided that the military was not his thing. He asked to be discharged or whatever, and they said okay, and that was that. He went to college, got married, just had a daughter. Then last year, the Army called him up and said that he was supposed to have reported for duty a couple months before and that if he didn't show for deployment to Iraq, he would be considered a deserter and appropriate legal action would be taken. Apparently, the moment you sign on, the military has you for quite a while, whether you stay in or not. They failed to tell him this when he left way back when he was 18.

I believe it's all worked out now, but I'm not sure. Bottom line: if you're ambivalent about the military DON'T JOIN. If you really feel that it's your calling, and you can deal with not being open about your sexuality, go for it, and strive to be the best soldier or medic or technician that you can be. God knows we need some people to set a good example for all the assholes who start shit like the Abu Ghraib scandal.