My gay and happy day =)

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Omg, today was like a highlight I had since boring school started. It was athletics day, and besides all the "eye candy" guys I get to see in shorts and their sweaty PE shirts... my friends (who all at my current school I haven't came out to) said some things I never expected them to say to me lol.

Oh it started off with tutor time in the morning, Blake (he's pretty hawt btw) got out his pe shirt he needs to wear today... and it's all wet cause his drink bottle leaked. He was trying to smack me with it and we went a little crazy running around the room lol. He did get me in the end while I was cornered by him and trying to protect myself with a chair lol xD. Oh, he was also asking if I wanted to swap PE shirts. I was going to say yes, but I know he still wanted to "show off" his wet pe shirt to all his buddies lol.

Also, what happened was Robert wants to wear my glasses (his eyes are getting worse), so I gave it him and we started walking around. We met Ting along the way and you know what Ting said? He said "Wow Max, you look sexy without your glasses on". I processed that for a while you know lol. I replied "Okay, I'll take it xD". It made my day lol.

Also, Robert is being all 'floppy' today. He said he was tired and occasionally rests on my shoulder lol. Wow... today is really really really wierd, but not that it's bad lol.

And guess what? While Robert and I were walking to the tuckshop (the school vender, or w/e you call it) he jokingly said "It's like Max, will you be my Valentine? (He's like one day late lol)". I just played along and said "Omg, It's like Yeah, of course!".

We played rugby at lunch (I suck at it lol), and then we did throws and catches. It was great, for rugby we're playing "Held" so you can tackle the guys onto the ground and kind of go all over them "accidentally" xD

Oh, bad thing today is Kevin S (Not my good friend Kev L) asked Robert if he could lend him a dollar. Robert 'defended' himself and told him to borrow off me. Being the asshole and sad person Kevin is, I know he won't pay me back so when he asked I insisted and said no. He called a sad arse, punched me and ran off. Gosh I hate him so much. Apparently Robert and Michael doesn't like him much either. Everytime we try to avoid them. However, Nixon doesn't seem to show that he dislikes Kevin... since maybe he's afraid of him. Nixon always does what Kevin says... *sigh*.

So yeah. Oh, and Nelson wasn't here for the first half of the day. He came back near lunch cause he finished getting his braces. Nelson, Terry, Shaylin and I wondered off towards the music center after there was no space on the basketball courts. I had a bad coffee primo today so I felt sick. I went to the restrooms and when I came out Nelson was saying something like this (literally) in mandarin "Michael came and had a sip of your water. We told him you're in the toilet and he said to us that you're probably blowing (playing) somebody's trumpet (which actually implies bj in mandarin lol) in there". You know, we're at the musical center, so I was like "Yeah, I'm good at playing the trumpet you know." Omg I mean really, how come everyone's so gay today. Even Michael and Nelson. I love it =)

Then here comes like another "gay" thing. I went and find Michael since he drank like half my carbonated water. Then when I found him we decided to find where Nixon is (The whole day was just devoted to finding other people, then kind of seperating and then finding them again lol). We went near the tracks and found Atsu, asked him where Nixon was but he didn't know. So we kept wondering round and saw Rory, so we asked him. At first he was like "Go find Atsu, if you find him you'll find Nixon". We were like "Oh we already saw Atsu, he (Nixon)'s not there". Then Rory was being sarcastic and said "Oh, then go find Max, if you find him then you'll definitely find Nixon". I was like "Omg, Okay, where where". Rory just kept going and he's like "Max, if you go deep within you, deep, deep, deep down within your heart, then you will find Nixon". That sounded SO gay lol. He realised what he said and he's like "Oops, I didn't mean to make it sound so gay." I was just cracking up at such an coincidence while Terry at the side is all confused and he said "What? Max is gay?" I didn't deny it, I was just like "Gosh! Terry you're so slow!"

That basically made my day too. Wow, today was SOOO great. This is my gay and happy day lol. Cyah fellow Oasians... normal school resumes tomorrow!

P.S. Devildog is teh back! Yay!

Edit: Last names editted for security reasons.


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A fine gay day. Now tell me more about this dud in the wet t-shirt...

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Well, he's Blake and he's this really sweet guy that's in my tutor group and my core subject classes. We usually talk at tutor time in the morning and before lunch. He's really funny lol. Neways yeah, he always asks me on MSN about homework and it's great I can help him out xD. He's like really popular with girls though, but not that it's much of a problem at all - just saying.

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Cool. You lucky bastard

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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I hate you. (j/k) I wish i could get a hot guy to rub on me! wtf? Anyway v-day sucked for me. What about you.

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I'm so jealous!

I'm so jealous, I wish my friends were like that! Anyways I'm glad your day was so great. As for mine, it was just an average day.

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