naughty thoughts are always fun ;)

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okay, I was in health on....monday? tuesday? one of those two days and we're just sitting here, doing some crap I couldn't give a fuck about when this senior walks in needing coach woods (PE/Health teacher) to sign something. now, I'm usually very good when it comes to naughty thoughts, but on this days i just could not control myself. i mean, this girl is *beautiful*. Petite, curly brown hair, big blue eyes, the most adorable nose. soooo cute. and i'm sitting there, looking at her and all of a sudden, these thoughts just pop into my head. ahem, i, uh, won't go into detail here 'cause i might get kicked off the site, but it was hot. this has very rarely, if ever, happened to me before. the funniest thing is, it's at the most random of times with people i barely know.

anybody else have this?


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Uh... yeah... :)

That happens to me a lot! It's always rather unexpected, and usually I try to ignore it because... well, it makes life a lot more distracting. But sometimes someone is just so cute, or my hormones are having a wacky day, and I just can't help myself. Probably the weirdest one was when I randomly had an urge to kiss my history teacher last year when he was talking to me about a project I needed to understand. I spent the whole time nodding and trying not to stare at his lips. That was really strange.

But it usually happens more with girls. Sometimes a girl is so gorgeous that my mind stops whatever it's doing and I just stare at her. And other times I can't get naughty thoughts out of my head. It's all a rather trying distraction. :)

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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I can't imagine anything you could post that would get you kicked off the site...