NOOOO please help me!

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my sister just found out i am gay and i didnt want her 2 know and im really freaked out because i think she already knew and she keeps trying 2 avoid me and i think shes a homophobic because she hates someone at her school cause she THINKS that a guy is gay and she might hate me

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I've been there too

I'm so sorry about that. Well, I think you have no choice but to confront your sister aand tell her about you sexuality. She can't do anything but to accept you, right? Well, I too had a friend to whom I told about my sexuality. At first, she didn't accept it quite well and she started ignoring and teasing me abd telling me that I'm not normal. But then I told her that this is who I am and she can never change that,and all she could do is to accept me as who I am. It took a while before she accepted me once again, and now we're friends again. Victoria2995, you've got nothing to lose if you just try confronting your sister, right? And maybe through it she can accept you. Who knows, she might be the one to whom you can tell your problems to. ;)

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now shes ignoring me and we fight 2 much and shes a homophobic

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You should confront her about it. Just sit down and talk to her about this. It really is the only way that you'll be able to understand her views on homosexuality. I know it's a hard thing to do, when I told my sister she kinda freaked too and avoided me, but she eventually came around and things are pretty much back to normal between us. I wish you the best of luck.

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okay, just give her some time

okay, just give her some time. my lil sis read my journal, put things together, and then kept dropping hints all the time, and she was really rude and nasty about it. Once she told me "you know, I'd just be okay with it if you would ADMIT it."
Like that's going to help?
Sisters are evil to begin with. Even before I was sure of it, my sister was eight years old telling me what a dyke I was.
Just give her some time to cool off. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems.
And if it is, it's none of her business to tell anyone else.

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poke her

well it worked for me just sit her down and explain the facts to her try to stick to facts and if she refuses to listen poke her with a LONG STICK TILL SHE DOES! just kidding but it does feel good to do it :)

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try talking to her about it...

Try to talk w/ her about your situation and that you really have no choice in the matter. Hopefully she will eventually except you for who you are.

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i came out 2 her and she was like uhhh ok and appearently she had NO clue at all but she is ok with it!! LOL sorry!!

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sorry FUCK BITCH sorry my sister didnt know if we could cus on here lol

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Whoa. Wait... how old r u? *

Whoa. Wait... how old r u? *ur profile says 10 or 11*
if so.. i really need to shape up.

i really really hope that your other coming out expiriences are good too.
~My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die
I can fly, my friend~ Queen