OMG...I Just Came Out to A Friend...

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Well long story short he said any girl that fully likes women quote from him "tits ass and all is someone i can hang wit". God that makes me so happy i am so estatic cause this boy is like the first guy friend that has been a friend. Doesn't want any sexual thing from me we just joke around talk and hang around. God i feel so alive and happiness is flowing through me at this moment which it wasn't throughout the day.

I came out to him because this new girl in my school is very nice and she was talking today and she said she is gay i was like what. Then i started to think about how the first day she came to the school she said she had a boyfriend. Well i won't question that. I do have a slight intrest in her. I am going to after break Tuesday try and get to know her as a friend really and see if anything can be started. Or i might just decide after a while of getting to know her tell her i like girls too. Then see what happens after that like if maybe she becomes something more but it's too early to tell.

Well anyway i am so ecstaic i just wanna jump up and down. Really i would like to celebrate this little moment but sadly can't cause he has plans and anyway we never have hungout out of school so. Well bye.


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I'm glad it went well and it all turned out happily. :)

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That's so

That's so fuckin awesome, really brave of you and good luck with the new girl!

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