She said she LOVES me!

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Today. Walking to class. Alone with MM (as alone as you get with 400 people milling around, but no one could really listen to us talking).

I'm saying, "I'm going to go insane. No one loves me it's gonna kill me."

She says, "I hope it doesn't kill you. You need a relationship. Someone loves you."

I say, "Yeah... somewehere, somebody loves me..."

At this point I'm between her and a wall. She's the only person beside me and she says, "Technically the person beside you..."

"You love me?!?!"

"Yeah, I do."

"I - I love you too!" Maybe we were talking friendship. Maybe we weren't. I felt all fluttery inside for the next two classes.

When I'm with her, I almost feel like there's an electricity between us. It's dangerous. If any of you have read "Keeping You A Secret" by Julie Anne Peters, we're like Cece and Holland but in the ninth grade.

We're always hugging people, guys and girls alike, as friendship. But we've never even tried to hug each other. Maybe we're scared. Can she feel the sparks too? This is exciting, wild, exhilerating. Unpredictable. A thrill ride of emotions. I look forward to every school day because it's when I see her. This is better than anything I've ever gone through with a guy. She is AMAZING.


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Yay! That's uberly cool and exciting that it seems like this might work out... Try to hold onto your head as much as you can, alright?

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"You need a relationship. So

"You need a relationship. Someone loves you." It does sound to me like she meant romantically, not as in friendship. That's so sweet. I'm happy for you. :)

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I also think she meant as a r

I also think she meant as a relationship not a friendship, well that's what i got from it anyway, that's so sweet i hope everything goes well and try hugging her!!!

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just like always
still I want some more"
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That is too sweet! Man, it's

That is too sweet! Man, it's like a scene from a movie! You know I love those kind of things... Congrats! But don't just stop here, keep flirting okay?

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