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I am NOT happy right now. All my tests are tomorrow and I am not allowed to sleep tonight. Plus me and Val just had this HUGE fight. We were in the math office because I needed to get my makeup work for the rest of the week and she''s just hanging out doing a rubix cube. I made a joke about her always complaining about her BC grade (which is an A+ by the way...) and everything seemed to be fine. Then we walked out of the office and without saying anything she hits me really hard right on my solar plexis and knocks the wind out of me. Then she says that it was for the emotional stuff I put her through by telling the teacher she didn't care about him. She's in love with him but still I didn't say anything, hell I was up until 2 am trying to confort her about her crush. She is so fucked up. She is once again threatening suicide and ect. I mean first of all I'm worried she is going to screw up her life, because she is already rather self destructive, and second I am worried for my physical safety when I am around her. I don't know what the hell goes through that girls mind, just that I need to stay away from her for the time being. Except I sit next to her in half my classes...shit. I mean I love val and all, but she can be violent and she is really strong. I mean the other day she picked me up with one arm, and I'm not exactly light. So this is honestly scaring the shit out of me.


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if it's really that bad you m

if it's really that bad you might want to consider telling a school counselor about what a difficult time she's having, maybe anonymously. if she really needs some help it might be best.

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