should i come out to my shrink and ppl like that

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dude im sick and tired of my mom pushing me to come out to my shrink. i know it seams something you oughtta do but its freaking hard i told my mom my dad some of my friends. but this one is just bugging me out. for some reason its not easy. i just cant say to him "dude im gay" becuase of group sessions and what not. i know kinda wanna go bury my self in a whole and say "leave me the fuck alone", but ya i dont know what to do should i tell him should i not will this eat me away will i feal guilt i dont know.

what you guys think i should do.


ps. and yes i know theres a come out button up top ive checked it out. and yet still kinda pussy about it (sorry for the french)

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Are the sessions with your sh

Are the sessions with your shrink always group sessions? If they are, I'd recommend going up to your shrink after a session, ask to speak to him alone, and then come out to him. After all, the point of the shrink is to help sort out your problems and the more factual information he has the better he can help you. The law is also on your side -- your shrink can't divulge any information to anyone else.

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I came out to my shrink about

I came out to my shrink about two years ago, he's cool and understanding, because, well...he/she's paid to be. Just think of it that way, it's not the dark ages (everywhere) anymore where they think that homosexuality is a mental illness. There is a confidentiality contract that you signed at the beginning of your sessions, right? Just do it, if you don't like his/her reaction, then find a new group. shrug.

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acually if hes under 18, his

acually if hes under 18, his parents make the decision not him :P
So anything you tell him/her, he can legally tell your parents until your 18 :P.

I asked my shrink, so i know ;P
And no I'm not out to my shrink
I hate my shrink, why the hell I am seeing him?
Now i have ot think about this, god i need a shrink...


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do it. It'll help them under

do it. It'll help them understand you better.

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