*sigh* I'm in a good mood, but why am i so depressed.

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I have been in so many good moods lately, full of energy, but i feel something is missing. Could it be that love is missing, does my heart desire love that much? I cannot allow myself to be hurt again, that is why i seal myself from most emotions.


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i felt like that soooo much e

i felt like that soooo much earlier this year. i felt very chipper, yet i felt at the same time like a fraud, and was depresed. i felt like none of my friends really did like me, and that i just kinda forced myself into groups of friends, because they never chose me. i always had a feeling everyone always had a better friend than me. im not sure exactly when this feeling left me, but i suppose it was about when a friend of mine told me i was her best friend/ when a different picked me for a project/ when i found i was bi or bi-questioning. and it just kind of totally went away when i finally compleatly told a friend i was bi. i felt so much closer with that friend now, and like she was my best friend (i know im not hers, she has one already, and her best friend is great). well, theres my story.

"Never apologize for saying what you feel. It's like apologizing for being real."

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This is like me a year ago. I

This is like me a year ago. I want a boyfriend, and I will complain none stop about it.


"We're all just a little humble of our urge to have sex"

"There is no excuse for being miserable."

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

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I think that you have stole m

I think that you have stole my life...my feelings. Its weird though, i keep thinking that i seem happy...but not complete. There is definately something missing.

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