*sigh* the ever-annoying topic of coming out.

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i was think last night about coming otu to at least my friends and no-one else. I also thought of coming otu to my parents about being bi, when i got in trouble for an e-friend calling me dad said, "Don't hide stuff from us, just tell us." Well i really really want to, but I don't want to get shunned, or throw out, even though I think they will take it well, I know of one gay guy at our school I want to talk about this to but I don't know him very well and I'm afraid of talking to anyone. Major homo-haters down here. I feel like I am hiding my true self and I am always in a state of paranoia. People used to pick on me in elementry school b/c my last name is Gay. It is annoying. No-one does it much anymore. I'm am really confused about what to do. At church this morning, our preacher preached abotu testing spirits. Liek the spirits that tell ppl they are fat. I thought maybe this is a spirit. I also thought about ppl saying it was a choice, but yeah it is a choice, but a choice to follow feelings.And I have tried but these feelings wont go away. I dunno what to do, I'm really scared, scared of mom accidentaly finding out and then what, what would I do? GRRRRRRR, why is this so hard.

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Talk to the gay guy. He will understand why you need to, even if you don't know him well/ Seroiously a live gay dude to talk to is always the most useful possible thing

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hey bro, I just started to

hey bro,

I just started to come out and so far its okay. the last name thing i cant help you with. but just being yourself is the most awsomest(if thats a word) thing to do. your mom and dad are going to love you no matter what. or at least thats what it sounds like. but when i started to come out one of my friends told me this "comeing out is a tough cookie. so. think of it as going into the deepend of a pool. at first its scary . so dont JUMP in right there like telling 40 ppl. but use the ladder and go one step at a time." another good saying about homophobics ready this is a pretty confuseing one. "fuck what they think" there ignorant and close minded. love who you are and who you are becoming.

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definetly talk to the guy. I

definetly talk to the guy. I talked to an older friend who was gay and he was able to help me big time

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Whats this guy like? I wouldnt necessarly talk to him just because he is, and to trust him to keep your secret... Im just sayin this because the two guys in our school that "out" people the most, are gay... They think its halarious...

Id seriously tell one of your good friends first.. sure they might not understand everything at first.. but they would want to help, and might be able to...

I just dont want you to do anything that you would regret...
There would be nothing worse than having this guy call your rents and telling them "acidentally." I know this prolly wont happen but, yeah, its happened here...

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I've gone through that too. B

I've gone through that too. Because in my place, bisexuals aren't that accepted. I tried to come out to my friends; some of them didn't expect that from me, while others didn't like it very well... i didn't come out to my parents, and i never would because i'm sure they won't take it very well. But nevertheless, I think you should talk to the guy and ask him for some advices, eventhough you're not that close to him since I think he will surely be of great help to you. But I think it depends on you, if you really want to come out or not. But if I were you, I would come out, since hiding your true personality is really heavy. It's okay if you will get some unpleasant reactions, at least you've realeased the heavy load you've been carrying, right?

well, goodluck! It takes courage, really, so be brave! I know you can do it!

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