Snap! Crash! BANG!

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I finally reached my limit of shit I'm willing to take.
I fuckin' snapped. I hit the wall. 4 fuckin' years of
keeping myself together enough to keep sane, and I just
slipped. My emotions were raging and I couldn't take it
any longer. Sat there on my bedroom floor and took the blade
to my wrist. Instant satisfaction. Slowly the frustration
and anger that had built up was erased. Still feel like shit,
but definately feel better than before. I keep trying to
tell myself that I'm sorry for doing it, but I'm not. Why
the fuck should I tell myself I'm sorry, if that's now how
I'm feeling?


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....trying to think of the ri

....trying to think of the right words....

while cutting isn't really the most healthy outlet, it seems to be the most cathartic, so all i'm going to say is *please* watch out for veins, i don't want you to accidentally kill yourself and try to keep the cuts clean.

i'm glad you're feeling (somewhat) better.

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don't ever be sorry for cutti

don't ever be sorry for cutting, fuck, i've been sorry for it and that's just pointless painful shit. NEVER feel like you have to be sorry. only annoying responsible words: don't cut to deep, i've passed out probably 3 times, and ended up in the hospital once, be careful. it sucks. so do infections. thats all. it's kind of weird that on the same day i post about losing do you. haha. awkward. yeah.

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~ I got the MIDAS TOUCH. Baby

~ I got the MIDAS TOUCH. Baby let me touch your body and your soul ~

BABE.......I need to call you!!!! ASAP.......!!! Gimme ur number, u know where to contact me ok! Omigosh...i get you now....come on, please?? shit man....fucking hell.....*hugs you tight*