So the weekend comes

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First week of school this year was fine. I have some very nice (and 'bad') teachers and classmates this year but I still longed for my science teacher last year and a few fellow classmates that we could enjoy our classes together. Of course I still see them around at school, but being in the same class kind of sustains that relationship, because I can already feel some friendships distancing and new ones forming.

Daniel still hangs out with us, but I don't see Richard around as much anymore. I can't seem to understand why I hold on to this crush for him for so long. It's not like I have to let it go, but it makes me hurt... knowing that someone I've liked so long won't return the same affection that I have for them. If I miss him, I have the urge to know where he is, say his name softly to myself, and imagine that nice smile of his in my mind. I don't exactly know him that well even from last year, but that mysteriousness is probably something that I always wanted to have... because in my thoughts, and hopes, and fantasies... he could very well be anything of my imagination.

On the contrary, my other crush Nixon is more of like a half-crush. I know I fell for his physical appearance. On the whole his personality is rather okay. However, there are times he really ticks me off and say things that make me feel really depressed. Apparently he's in my core classes, and most of my options class, so we see each other most of the day. He's a friend, but we have developed the custom of dissing each other in like every way possible sarcastically... but that goes too far sometimes. It's a pretty stupid thing to do you might think, I never thought how it turned out like that - but it did. You could say I hated Nixon for who he was, and I was a shallow person and pretty much lusted for something that was only on the surface.

So yeah, that was something out my system that I wanted to tell you guys.

On Thursday, my mandarin class was supposed to start that day. However, my maths class happened to commence on that day too. Therefore, the two classes clashed. I told my mandarin teacher and sorted things out, and the conclusion was that she is gona temporary halt the class. She's gotten really busy with new classes and she only has a few students in my class now and she thinks it'll be easier to organise another time. So yeah, I went to maths class on Thursday and the things the teacher teaches are still extremely difficult to comprehend for me. I am always extremely exhausted after the two hours of extension maths work.

Before I went to maths on that day, I watched a bit of the movie RENT that Ting has lent me. I didn't quite get what was going on since the singing made it hard for me to understand them, and the subtitles REALLY sucked and were EXTREMELY out of time and EXTREMELY inaccurate (the meaning). I'll probably rewatch that bit (with the subtitles off) and finish it tomorrow. Right now, I have no comment on the movie really.

Oh, Adam is gona lend me age of empires 2 on monday.

So then comes today, Friday. Our year books (2005) are issued! At tutor time Blake, Nixon and I were laughing our asses off at the pictures of people we know in our year books (some were really screwed up lol). There were some really hot guys in the sports photos too. (espcially our sport prefect). Omg, there's this one of Richard at camp... he's so cute in that photo. There's also this other one of him playing tennis. That was a damn nice photo as well.

Today was also swimming sports. Our house lost (every student is allocated to one of four houses) and came third. However, that never really concerned me... The actual swimming of the annual swimming sports is never too entertaining either, so I pretty much use my time checking out the shirtless guys in speedoes and shorts. There are some REALLY damn sexy guys... (Tim's brother is sooo effing hot).. and when those swimmers remove their shirts.... hory crap omg... then they stand before their lanes like they're posing for a model contest or something. xD Today I'm satisfied lol.

So that's basically it. I'm drained completely... I should go now. Cyah guys and gurls! Have a great weekend!


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Hmmmmmm.... You've been looking at photos of cute guys and now you're "drained completely" - wahey

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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lol... you know what I meant.

lol... you know what I meant... :P