soon...and other pointless ramblings

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soon high school will be over and i will be free to spend the entire summer sleeping and amassing a very large debt in preparation for college. But the sleeping will be good, it will be sooooooo good.

This past week I was finally able to relax enough about school to get my room clean, I hadn't cleaned it since November and it was basically a war zone filled with papers, half filled notebooks, textbooks, random books i recieved over the holidays, books i'm borrowing from a teacher, scholarship and college applications, clothes, ten thousand pairs of tennis shoes, cds (I somehow managed to lose my portable cd player somewhere in my room and have yet to actually find it...., school work i did and never turned in and newspapers...I have no idea why i was hoarding newspapers unless they were intended for AP Gov.
But it's clean! I have a floor again and i can find my bed and my books and all my nice clean clothes after the copious amounts of laundry that I did. It feels so nice.

Soon high school will be over, i have to keep telling myself that so that i can make it through the rest of the year despite the temptation to just stay home and sleep and eat chocolate cake and play spider solitaire.

My sister is visiting in March along with her friend who is very similar to a sister as i have known her since i was two. Sadly I don't have another vacation until mid april so they'll be here and i'll be off at school from 7.15-3.30, but they'll break up the monotony.

I have a huge thematic essay due for AP English this thursday and my other sister still hasn't gotten back to me about it as i asked her to look over it and this worries me, coincidentily I also have a poetry project due on the same day thanks to my poor drawing-from-a-hat skills, but after that it should be coasting uphill till the AP exams...ah ap exams, i really love those bastards, they show the true measure of ones worth and hopefully will earn me some exemptions.

At least i finished my poetry projct even though i've done none of my other homework...but my first period spanish teacher is in Belize which means that his protege (seriously the student teacher is like Olson in training, same haircut...used to be Olson's student) will be having us continue to watch a film that we can feel free to do other things during. I love my ability to procrastinate.