Teacher trainings

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Yay! Teacher trainings and peer education!

Granted that probably sounds really stupid, but they're some of the things that I really liked about the old YEAH club and am thrilled that I'm going to have the chance to participate in this year.

We're going to start working on our lesson plan next week which will be very cool and we're putting together our talent show skit thing that I won't be in, but will help with in some capacity.

I like it when we're busy, makes our club seem less pointless.

On another note, i was in chemistry today, right before class officially started and there were about ten or so of us sitting around.

So Kyle, who I've known for about a year is talking about the test we have tomorrow and he says something along the lines of "That's so gay!"

And I ask him not to say that as it's very rude and offensive, and he says "Why? What are you gay? what should I say instead?" He actually didn't seem to think that I would have an alternative...which is really sad, and went on to replace gay with the term homosexual.

And I said "Yeah, Kyle, actually I am gay, and you can say lame."

"What am I supposed to say? Lame that you're gay? You want me to say lame?"

He's slow I think, he was actually stunned enough to lose track of the conversation. The girl who sits next to me also said that she's gay...mostly trying to defend my cause I think, because from what I'm aware she's not.

Ah, triumph!

I've actually told several people, but they have a tendency not to listen and when I tell them again they get all confused and nervous like they thought i was joking, which of course makes me all nervous...stupid people.


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good on you, at least is shut

good on you, at least is shut him up!

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**