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I am sitting here in an empty office tower, while I listenning the usual anythings that I can get my hands on NPR.org. My favorite program is currently Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I stumbled across the syndicates during the height of debates about same-sex marriage in the United States. I usually start my day with either Morning Edition or All Things Consider. I finish my day by downloading Pop cultures on to my cellphone.

I got really fed up, although I am only on campus to type up the report I wrote over the weekend in my grandpa living room. Well it turned out to editting as well as editting. I went to see my therapist on Thursday. I cutted a class on Friday, because I was at papi's and I slepted in the following morning. During the session I told him that my life just became competitive since grandpa was admitted into the hospital. I came back to Glasgow to responsibilities at school and at home and to an empty apartment (also empty life). I mentioned earlier I spent my "first" weekend alone just being quiet and rapped by my aunt. Things seem to sort themselves out. I went into a souless family guy mode. I got up and go to school every morning. At 6.45 I hailed a cab and arrived at grandpa's bedside by 7 p.m. then I spent an hour after that in a cafe just to be quiet or spending time with my dad if he happened to be around. I got back to campus by 10 p.m. I studied until I fed up which is usually 1 a.m. the morning.

I managed to go and see Munich and Derailed lastweek. My therapist left me with a question "When can Cayde look after himself?" Well I do and I don't. Well ocassional movies and an hour a cafe bar everyday is enough for now. Marc has been really quiet after they accused me of hitting on him. Although we talked and he already apologized, things haven't been the same since.


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I am packing up

I have enough of these stuffs. While I still have another bottle of coke, I think I am gonna pack up and head home for a night. I am just gonna sit back for a few minutes and listen to the rest of items on my playlist.