Valentines Blues

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(Guess this wasn't made clear before. MM knows I gay and I know she's bi... should've mentioned that...)

And now for the next installment of my oh-so-dull and at the same time oh-so-unpredictable LIFE.

So this morning, I rush into the school and MM doesn't see me without my makeup this time. Thankgod lol. Today I was dressed to impress. Her that is. Instead of my usual girly-girl-trying-to-be-less-girly style, I was wearing black cargos, a too-small black tee over a white turtleneck, a black butterfly necklace, and a pink beaded necklace that kept disappearing between my hair and my collar. This may sound weird to some (or many) of you, but in my school it's hot in a normal, everday kind of way. I get my makeup done in the girls bathroom, black eyeliner and pink eyeshadow with a touch of lipgloss (I'm in the mood for details today ok? lol) and then go out into the hall. Almost immediately I see MM and all her friends. And, dun dun DUN, Her Boyfriend. :( I went over anyway, and she seemed ALMOST glad to see me. Killed that by showing me the roses Her Boyfriend had given her though. (And I shall mention here that I did not recieve a single Valentine all day, and no one said "Happy Valentines Day" to me unless I said it first...)

Then in homeroom, I told her I was single again. Said I dumped him. She said "There's always women" and I said "That's exactly why I did it." Then she put her hand on my shoulder and said "I'm spreading the love!" And I scrunched up my nose and said "Ew, love, get it off get it off!" and brushed off my shoulder. She did it again as "O Canada" was getting over and I slithered back into my seat saying, "I'm melting! I'm meeeeltiiiing!" It's fun making her laugh. She "spreading the love"-ed me one more time and I said, "This time I'll keep it." I actually didn't touch my shoulder all day after that. Then, on our way to our seperate classes, I told her that the complete reason I broke up with N was because when we kissed I saw someone else. Her exact words, "Who's the girl? Or should I say, who's the *lucky* girl?" And I looked away for a second. I gather courage best without eye contact. "You." She smiled, "I know I'm irresistable, but wow!" We might've gone back to serious conversation then but AS (those are his initials. Pronounce it "ass" cause thats what he is) squeezed between us and acted like he was about to grab her chest. I'm fairly sure he only heard her saying the irresistable thing, not what I said.

Numb boredom coupled with mild stress for about 4 hours, until I next saw her in LA just after lunch. We were talking and laughing with our other friend K. I jokingly said K must be getting paid to write notes because that's all she ever does. She passed me one that said "Nnnoooooo!!!!". MM noticed something on the back of my shirt that I never had. She would've had to be actually looking at me, you wouldn't notice it first glance. After class she said "You do look very nice today..." I think she was about to say more but AS popped up and called me an "emo poser". I said "Actually, I don't think I'm posing, I think I was actually accepted into the group today at lunch." And I told them how I was sitting at a table with a friend and a passing girl with really short hair and wicked clothes from the "emo group" looked me up and down and smiled at me. I think she was on her way to the water fountain. Random funfact lol.

I didn't say this, but I wondered about her... But I'll probably never talk to her so I guess it doesn't matter.

So, that's how it's going. At this rate, I might be MM's girl by 2008. Assuming she doesn't start in on the college guys. Well, she's gradually progressing to our grade... First it was a guy who graduated and had nothing better to do but come back and hang out at school. Then comes a 12th grader, freshly 18. Go MM. I'd take an older girl anytime; I've got plenty to learn lmao