Valentines Day

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For the 18th time I am spending Valentines Day alone. I agreed to cover somebody's shift so they could trot off with their boyfriend, and didn't realise how depressing it was going to be wrapping flowers for all these young men (many of whom were gorgeous I might add). The worst part of the night was when 2 alpha males were bigging themselves up and one was saying how he had two women on the go, but one wasn't getting flowers because, and I quote, "she's a bitch". On the other hand this guy who was pretty obviously gay was giving me a look and blatantly gave me a flirty look when he said goodbye. And he was the most gorgeous out of all of the dozens of men that went through the customer service desk tonight, so HAH.

Anyway, lack of cock has led to the purchase of 3 bottles of wine, all of which I shall plough through by the early hours and pass out.

Bridget Jones, over and out.


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Ah bridget Jones what would we do without you when we're depressed.

I forgot it was valentine's day, so missed the oppurtunity. I feel so ashamed

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"