Was supposed to be a story, but....

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Well this was going to be a story, but I read over my rough draft and found a couple glaring mistakes, so I have to go and fix 'em. MEANWHILE, I had a fairly okay day at school. I don't think I'll ever stop laughing at my World Geography teacher. The woman is so *weird* it's not funny. And I don't mean weird in a good way, I mean weird in a "let's just smile and nod our heads as she prattles on" kind of weird. She and her pulsating eyebrows. If you could only see them...

I STILL hate my sub. math teacher. She is an idiot and an unqualified moron. Ergh. She did look stupid in front of the principal today though. That was nice. Other than that, the class sucks. Still not learning anything in there, even though she claims we are "preparing for the SOLs." HA!!

Did have one good part of the day. Well...two. One: Miz B's back!!!! So happy.

The other thing is I was at lunch and the bell had just rung; I was throwing my stuff away and I was right beside this really gorgeous senior that I have a crush on. So, in my stalker-like manner, I decided to stay as close to her as I possibly can. This is not that hard. So I'm following my friends, half-listening to their conversation and half watching the girl's movements (don't ask me why, I'm just weird like that.). And it got whittled down to just me and my friend Emily, but I'm still walking along and I'm like three inches away from her now. I accidentaly catch her foot with mine and we both trip a little. She doesn't notice and keeps on talking. She says bye to somebody, looks at me and we kind of lock eyes for a moment. She grins, grabs my shoulders and shakes them a little. "Are you trying to trip me up?" I knew she was playing, so I went "Shhhhhh!! Don't tell anyone."

But yeah...physical contact. Always a good thing. ;)