What a let down :(

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Okay I watched Brokeback Mountain yesterday. I struggled to keep my eyes open through it. In fact, there were only two things that got me to the end of the film:

1) The prospect of more hot sex scenes involving these two incredibly orgasmic actors.
2) The fact I'm gay made some scenes more applicable to me, in terms of identifying with the emotion they might be feeling.

Excellent acting from both Jake and Heath. But I just felt there was hardly any story...or at least not enough depth to the story that was there. Mind you the ending was incredibly sad and that tugged at the heart strings.

Given that it seems everyone and his husband in the entire world thinks this is the best movie in existence, I was SO disappointed to find it as bland as I did....I really wanted to like it. Maybe I'll try watching it again in a few weeks :)


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It is a quiet, subtle movie, no doubt. But it's more about the subtlety and ache than any big gay gesture. Definitely worth another watch.

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Fair enough

A lot of people think it drags too much. It is too long. And there is indeedvery little of what one might call a plotline. It strikes me more as a documentrary of these men's lives over 20 years. It is not till the very (incredibly sad) end that the love story comes throug, in a very painful manner

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