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prenote: I need to shave lol...

Okay so today at school is all fine and cool. Apparently, I went to the tuckshop SIX times today since everyone asked me to go and I just couldn't resist not going (with Daniel twice, with Nixon, Robert and Mike like once and I went there myself once too)... and everytime I just ended up getting something. I spent like 7 bucks today... while lending $3 to Daniel, Robert and Chris. Urgh, I really need to manage my money better.

So uh yeah, we got on to the topic of movies at tutor time with Blake and Nixon... and at first we were talking about Dark Water and then Saw (I and II)... but then Blake said their parents went and saw this "wierd movie called Brokeback Mountain". I got all excited and said "Omg omg, it's that gay movie right? I watched it". They were like staring at me for a while and then Blake asked what it was about, I briefly took them through the plot then Blake asked if there are any sexual scenes. I was like "Yeah, there was this (hardcore) anal scene". The reaction on their faces was priceless lol. But Blake was joking and said "Ooh, I want to watch it now". Neways, then Nixon asked if I saw it on the plane... and before I could answer... Blake responded "You better saw it on the plane, otherwise.. urgh... Max... eww". Then we went to lunch lol.

So at lunch, Robert is doing this twist arm movement thing when he was trying to immitate someone. Apparently I did the same as well except I exaggerated it and shook my body and -censored- (lol don't want it to get too explicit)... Robert was going all like "omg Nixon watch Max do his gay dance". However, I stopped when Nixon turned around and Robert reached out his lunch money and said like "Max do that gay dance again I'll pay you". LOL we cracked up... Yeah, pay Max to do some gay dancing. Woo.

Returning RENT to Ting tomorrow. I didn't finish it, the movie quality isn't too good. I guess if I want to watch RENT I want to see the whole movie clearly and not see a pirated version and half understand it. I was grateful Ting lent it to me though.

Adam lent me Age of Empires 2 today too... I haven't played it in ages. Gosh I suck at that game. I'll ask him if he wants to borrow my expansion tomorrow.

Oh and for PE we did volleyball! IT'S SOOOOO FUN (even better than badminton)! Omg, I'm so joining the team this year.

Ah, also on MSN today... Kevin Shin was saying to Nixon and I in this conversation "I love you guys, don't forget my chocolate tomorrow" - Valentines tomorrow. Lol, he's just acting silly again.

Oh, there's this really cool guy called Brandon I met on the net a while ago. He also lives in NZ (down at Hastings), the same age as me and he's gay too. We've been texting throughout the whole weekend... we sent at least 100 text to each other in two days (lol to me that's a lot). He got me to watch C4 (A MTV channel which I never actually saw), the Grammy's (which I didn't even know was on before), and he made me want to watch Desperate Housewives that was on today lol. Desperate Housewives is such a cool show, I'm gona get some blank DVDs and record it lol.

Maaan, there are so many funny things that happened... I just don't know how to get them all down in the way I found them funny. Neways, that's it for today. Everything's great... still have heaps of maths HW to do. Oh btw, Athletics Day is on Wednesday. I'm doing 100m, 200m, High Jump, Long Jump and Javelin throwing. Then for the rest of the day I can play soccer on the field! Muwahahaha

Urgh, okay this is the not so good part of today, perhaps more like "wierd". Min was asking me if I said something behind her back (At first Min won't tell me what it is, but then I tried to call her and she told me it was a rumour about me saying that "She (Min) wants to be my girlfriend") to someone called "Julia". Apparently I don't even know anyone called Julia that she could possibly know, but she said it's her friend and she told her I said that kind of thing. I honestly went "Wtf"... then the even more screwed up thing is that Min asked me if I drew "cartoons" and I was like "No I don't... I tried but I suck at them lol" but then she said "then who drew that cartoon???". At first I thought she was referring to the anime guy in my display picture (the same guy in my avatar on oasis) so I said I found it from google... but then she said it's not about my dp, it's a cartoon stuck on her school's maths' class' wall. I got so confused at this point cause I had no idea what she was on about... then she said the cartoon was named "Max and Min, heroes to the rescue" and she actually suspected that I drew that cartoon and got someone to bring it in her school and stick it on her wall. I mean, urgh, why would I do that? - I don't even know if she meant school maths class or tutoring maths class or whatever the hell. Also, why whould a gay guy go around everywhere spreading rumours that a girl likes him (of course she doesn't know I'm gay)? And who the hell is doing all this shit? Urgh honestly Wth... wtf wtf wtf. At first I thought I didn't care, but I guess all this I've written meant I probably do care.

Bah, that suddenly became like a rant... okay I feel all tired now. I'm going.. Cyah guys~ <3 from Max.


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Ah, I see your promise to write short entries is going well...
I loved the brokeback reaction, you should have seen the eye rolling when I told everyone I went to see it.
I remember Age of Empires. I sucked at that to

P.S why did you tell us you need to shave?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"