worst thing that cud happen to me

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Well my so called best friend hasnt been talking to me since i came out to him and its been so depressing with him giving me the cold shoulder when ever i try talk to him so i decided to send a txt asking why he was taking this so bad and i said a whole heap of stuff. And he didnt answer. me. the worst part of this is he didnt have his phone he'd given it to another one of my friends whos pretty gud friends with both of us and it was him whod gotten the txts and now hes making jokes bout it, i didnt actually say i was bi or anything but the stuff was enuf to give it away, hes been asking me all the time if im gay and ive been denying it but i dnt think its wrking and i dnt no wat to do bout it can u guys help me.

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aww that sucks! well, you kno

aww that sucks! well, you know whta, you could always tell him that you sent the text message to the wrong person! (that, of course only applies if you sent one text message) and if that conversation everr escalates again, just tell the kid, "yeah im gay, and what?!".

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i want to tell him

i want to tell him its just im not sure how hell take it cause hes been joking about it so im not sure wat hell do wen he actualy nows for sure