Yas, yas, finally back to school

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Okay, so today was the first day of school. Before all that I was in Taiwan celebrating a great Chinese New Year with my extended family and cousins. Apparently I have 13 cousins (plus 2 siblings would make 15 children/adults. Including their parents would make over 20), and a lot of them turned up... so it's a pretty crazy time. (Lol, unlike last year which only like 3 of them were there [School started early last year so I couldn't go]). Apparently over half of them came to our house after we finished the "traditional" stuff and dinner at my gramp's place. We played pool and table tennis and sang with the karaoke machine and stuff. Then we watched a movie (Freaky Friday - even though I've seen it like three times already) and played until 4 in the morning. However, my brother was alone playing computer downstairs. Gosh, it's such a rare occasion that the entire family can get together and he had to devote his fucking time playing a computer game. Damn him.

Well, before the day of my flight back to NZ, I watched two movies. One is Dark Water (It's okay really, I've heard the Japanese version is way scarier) and Land of the Dead (It's urgh.. really gross and the plot is rather plain and dull too).

So urgh, the flight was okay... usual disgusting plane food etc. I saw a friend from my Chinese class and another guy who was my best friend in Year 5 at Primary (Apparently he's also got the same birthday as me). He didn't recognise me since I grew so tall and got glasses lol. Also, there were these two REALLY cute guys sitting in front of me on the plane. I spent like half my time on the plane fantasising about them xD. For about the other half of the flight, I watched 3 movies which were In Her Shoes (pretty moving movie), Nana (It's a Japanese movie... I really like it! It's about two girls who met on the train and discovered they were the same age, both going to Tokyo and both had the same name - Nana. Then coincidentally, they met again when they saw each other looking at the same apartment in Tokyo. Then they decided to share the apartment. It's really about the contrasting personalities of the two main characters and the integration of their lives, their bond and strong mutual frienship with each other. : I really recommend it! The english subtitles are also done very well.), and the last movie I saw was Proof (which was rather odd. The actor Jake from Brokeback Mountain was also in it). Neways.. that's about it for the flight.

Then um.. yeah I went back to school today. There were a lot of new faces around. I managed to recognise two guys (twins) from my intermediate. I'm still in Nixon's class, although Richard is in the other accelerate class now. However, Richard and I are still in the same extension maths class so I still have one class with him. I guess that would be a reason for me to like maths lol xD. He's still the same with his nice hair, arms and nice body.. urgh and nice ass. I snuck looks at him every once in a while... man, he is sooo secsi. Neways, everything else is the usual stuff. We have to design a webpage for English on a novel... so I started to read 'Candlemoth'.

That's bout it, Cheers everyone.

Edit: P.S. I got new school shoes! They are so tight at the back.. argh... it hurts so much when I walk. I have like 4 blisters already from one day at school walking in them.


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Hey! It's been a while since

Hey! It's been a while since I've seen any posts from you. I hope to see your daily journals again. I'll send you a PM in the next couple days to catch back up with you. Nice to see your posts again!


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Yeah, it's been a while since we kinda haven't caught up with each other recently. I'm glad you commented on my entry. Neways, hope you've been great and fine. Looking forward to your PM, Lowell.


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Welcome back

Thanks for all your short messages on my journal entries. Have a great year at school. Good luck with boys especially Nixon.
Take care,

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Yay! Uncertain's back! I always missed your entries

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Yay, your back maybe now you will send me a freaking e-mail or pm, sheesh.....! LMAO!!!!! Missed ya dude.