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I came out to my ex-gf. She didn't take it like I wanted her to but then again she didnt reject me either, she said, " Well as long as you aren't completly gay. I'm shocked but still luv ya and wont reject ya!" So yay 1 down.


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why would it matter if you were completely gay?

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I imagine

I imagine because she'd be pissed off because she dated a gay guy

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dude... that was like.. insul

dude... that was like.. insulting..? why woul dit matter if you were completely gay?
i think youre being a tad oblivious.

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wow thats messed up.

yea bro thats like she has a problem with who you are. u betta c whats her schpeal on what she has agianst gays. but congrats on comeing out to someone.
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Maybe she's hoping your not c

Maybe she's hoping your not completely gay cuz she still likes you!!! Sorry if thats confused you!