A FIRST date?

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I think I am going on a date, but I'm not sure. I've never been on
a date before, I've never kissed, or done anything. There's this girl
I've known for two years through orchestra, and she found my myspace
page and it turns out she is a lesbian too! I asked her if she wanted
to go see a movie and have lunch, and she said sure. However, I don't
know if it is a date, or if we are just hanging out as friends.
I'm kinda nervous either way. Neither of have dated, and I have no idea
what I am doing. I suck at flirting, so we shall see.
Wish me luck!


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that's awesome! good luck w/ that.

Where've ya been? It's been a long time since you were on the site. It's cool that you got a "real" date this time. Peace.
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Make it a date and have fun

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Look whether or not its a dat

Look whether or not its a date, just have fun. Ask her if it is a date. If it is pretend youre just hanging out. Wait for her to kiss you if your that nervous. Whatever u do, have a great time. TAlk to me anytimes you have a problem
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Thanks for the advice!
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Maybe you haven't had the best opportunities to flirt yet...

I guess I would probably ask her whether or not it's a date. It's good to be clear about these things. If you don't know her too well, though, you might just want to keep this getting-to-know each other time friendly.

That's very exciting, though! Good luck!

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Well to me it sounds like a date, but you should ask her if it is.

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