A Moving Flash Video (It's in Chinese)

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Flash Movie Link: http://ylon.myweb.hinet.net/walktour.swf

Apparently, I dunno if I should've posted it. It's in chinese so most people probably won't understand it. However, to me the message it conveys is quite moving. It's saying that everyone is on a journey in life, walking into the future. You walk with your friends, family and people you love. You go through ups and downs like a roller coaster. When someone dies they don't disappear, they just simply stopped walking, always remaining there in your life, cheering you on - But we keep walking. When the time comes for you stop walking and you look back, you'll realise those who have stopped moving are just right beside you, knowing how short life is. You'll stand there watching the people who you love move on, and looking back at you and mourning there loss. However, this moment you tell them not to look back in case they trip up in their paths - Always look forward.