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I started line dancing today and I used to have a country accent being that I used to live in the country.
I started getting it back a little.
I hate my accent.
But anyway.
Accents, hot or annoying?
I think they're hot for other people but intollerable for me to have.
What are your thoughts/ opinions?
Do you have an accent?

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Ugh. Accents. I have a Canadi

Ugh. Accents. I have a Canadian one (being from Canada) and get bugged by it all the time by the guys. But all of the girls love it (typical...) Depending on how strong the accent is it can be hot, but many are annoying.

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/i Love Them ! ! !

I think that accents are hot especially on girls i mean god. I think a country accent is hot on girls or guys so it depends you may hate your accent but others may love it.

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I like pretty much any foreig

I like pretty much any foreign accents. I live in the South, so no offense, but I hate Southern accents. I'm so glad I don't have one.

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I think accents are so sexy..

I think accents are so sexy..they make me instantly attracted to that person!

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British accents are sexy. Cou

British accents are sexy. Country? Ugh. Absolutely no offense, but I really hate country accents. German, British, French, stuff like that, is sexy. I could listen to a British person read from the phonebook. :P

And, no, I don't have an accent. I don't think so, at least. I think my accent is typical for where I live. *shrugs*

- Megan

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accents are cool.

People have always told me i have a southern accent, though I've lived in the northwest all my life...huh. Accents are attractive to some though. I was w/ a friend in seattle a year ago for a concert and he was able to convince two college girls that he was british w/ his fake accent. He ended out ditching us and eating dinner and dancing w/ them all night...Man, phony accents and good acting skills can really allow for a fun time...

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Luv them

Accents are something I really love. I am not into country accents though, no offense. But I love foreign accents, like French, Spanish, pretty much anywhere, I kinda have a thing for ethnic guys, so most accents are good in my book.

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Jersey Accents ! ! !

Ok i posted already but i was thinking about something after i just re-read this and it's Jersey accents. Now everyone i know keeps telling me i have a jersey accent. But i think there is no truth to the jersey accent because i for one have never heard one. Or maybe i can't tell because i am from jersey.

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Accents are just one of those

Accents are just one of those things that it's very easy to joke about . . . my friends make fun of me when I sound midwestern (which isn't often, but it happens), and I make fun of them when they sound Georgian or like they're from Boston. But it's really all in good fun.

Accents aren't a turn-on for me, in general, but they're not turn-offs either. I don't really care what accent someone speaks with as long as I can understand them and they speak with reasonable intelligence. The only thing that annoys me about accents is that specific thing that some Southern girls and California Valley girls do when they like "go around" vowels. Like, instead of saying "homework", they'll say "heyumwerk" or something like that. It's hard to describe, but it's a quite irritating. That's it, though.

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you said that i have an accen

you said that i have an accent, i don't tihnk that i do but i don't know, i think yours is hot...=) love you

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I like european accents, but

I like european accents, but newph and arabic accents drive me nuts, i can never understand them. Any other accents dont phase me. I have this really weird coping mechanism, I imitate those around me, so if im around my british friend i start speaking with a british accent, everyone thinks im making fun of them but i do unconsiously (sp?)

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it pretty much depends on the person and the accent. for example, Selma Hayek has one of the most attractive and flirty accents I have ever seen on a woman. I generally like French, British, Italian, and Spanish accents.

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I generally think that accent

I generally think that accents play quite an important role. Coming from Southern England, i really don't like many northern accents (especially Scousers and Geordies - sorry if youre from Liverpool or Newcastle). I love the London/south east accent (i think mine is quite strong). Just for anyone who isnt familiar with this concept, there isn't really a 'british' accent as such. The difference in accents between the north and the south is huge and sometimes i find it hard to understand people from the north, even though theyre speakin the same language. Certain British accents are nicer in my opinion, altho im obviously very prejudiced.

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As I understand it...

Received Pronounciation is the "British Accent".

And it's hot, especially from William Moseley (Peter in Narnia) or Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) >=)

Scouse/Geordie are horrible. Southern accents, provided it's not Cockney are quite nice. Maybe I just heart posh accents x)

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I love accents. Any kind, re

I love accents. Any kind, really. If someone has a noticible accent, I'll just sit around listning to them talk because I like to. Unfortunately for me, I tend to fall for people with accents just because I like their voice so much. I mean I'll snap out of it pretty quick if they're a jerk or something, but yes I think they're attractive.

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This boy I like has this acce

This boy I like has this accent. I love his voice lol.

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Hey, that is flattering for m

Hey, that is flattering for me to hear so many (American?) people say haw hot they think accents are. I hope some of the poeple I meet think so too, me being a native German speaker, living in the U.S. right now (though I like to think my accent is not very heavy). Anyway, as for my preference, I don't like foreign accents in English very much, maybe because I am a foreigner myself, having learnt this language and trying not to have an accent. If an accent is heavy, it rather repells me, especially if it is a German or Dutch or scandinavian accent. Accents also suck when they make conversations harder.
But keep loving foreign accents, I love you for it!

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Virginian accents. Uh, I love em

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I find most accents from some

I find most accents from somewhere in the (former?) Commonwealth to be attractive. I guess it's the British influence. As for me I'm not sure what it is. Both my parents are Californian, but I was raised in Boston, and some people have asked if I'm Italian O_o...

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usually i hate southern accen

usually i hate southern accents with a passion (where i live EVERYONE has an accent that makes you sound like an ignorant duck). but there are a few i like, the way one of my friends talks, i love it. it's like she rolls the A's in the back of her throat and it comes out all cool sounding. other than that, british accents are kind of hot.

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accents in females are sexy..

accents in females are sexy...
there was a girl in my art class from france and listening to her speak was so hot.
i love slight accents...but if they are too strong, i can have trouble understanding what they say...
icelandic accents are strange...

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HEY! Male accents are sexy too! My boyfriend has one, and let me tell!!!! It makes my heart beat faster every time i hear it.

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I grew up in the midwest, but am currently living in the south so I really am not crazy for the southern accents....Although I LOVE those European accents(British, Scottish, Greek, ect...THAT is hot!


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cant make up my mind.. :-/

i grew up in the midwest, too, but when i was little, i moved out to the western coast and got a "cali girl" accent :P. then i recently moved back to the midwest and have now regained my midwestern accent. anyway, i think accents are cute, not hot or annoying. its harder to find a cute accent in a female than a male, though (i think :-).

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Accents are fun. I have a VE

Accents are fun.
I have a VERY slight Oklahoman accent, but it gets so mixed with Engrish I just LOVE using and lots of 'ne?' and 'eh?' and 'moose?'
My friend Jeanine has an AWESOME 'accent', I guess.... It's more like, she had a sort of speech impediment when she was little and now people ask her if she'd British. but its cute!
I love/hate Canadian accents - they're totally awesome, but if it's going overboard with the 'Soreys!' and 'Abowt' I wanna rip my ears off.....
Accents are funny funny things...
My friend Minni has a really heavy Finnish accent - it's adorable!

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