am i being sensitive or is there more than meets e eye?

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Hi! I'm new here. Well i've this problem actually... You see, there's this lady teacher in skool tt's been staring at me whenever we see each other. Especially during lunch hrs at the cafeteria. Its like she stares at me persistently till mi friends ask me wats wrong wif her. & she always attempt to walk near me before she exits the cafeteria.

Not only tt, she seems quite enthusiastic whenever i request to see her privately abt skool work. But her mood swings if mi friends join me to see her. + she has e habit of eavesdropping mi conversations. Even to the extent of hiding behind e door.

My friends say she juz likes me too much, but really this is confusing me. I've always been uber frank wif her & my remarks at her r really 'right in ur face'. So how can it be possible tt she likes me. She's quite a private person but she's quite open abt her life to me, telling me abt her sad childhood & experience of child abuse. Wat e hell is going on?

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well umm..first of all, how m

well umm..first of all, how many years are between u??
and maybe she lieks u..
the ebst thing to do is tlak to ehr aobut it.

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well, i dunno dude..

i think you still have to observe how she behaves when she's with you and when she's not. through that you can spot the difference, and you can deduce things from those observations.

but i think she only likes your company, and she likes to have a chat with you. maybe she finds a friend in you. right?

you have to take risks...we will only understand the miracle of life fully if we allow the unexpected to happen- paulo coelho

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well... i hope its juz friendship

well she's rather normal when i'm not in her company. she's an introvert, doesn't really mingle with other students. i seem to make her more lively. she's a real quite & lonely person

*& yes carebear... our age diff is approx. 10yrs+/-*

i seriously hope its juz tt she likes mi company, but she seems so overly enthusiastic towards me. & worse off, i openly chided mi friend for making us walk into her direction in skool. *(she heard it coz i shouted)* i ran into her later in tt day & she gave me e cold look. obviously angry over mi insensitive remark. i'm trying to avoid her (my way of easing e tension between us) but e more i try, e more i get to see her. its scary tt i keep running into her at least twice in skool. dunt get such chances wif other teachers. perhaps its juz fated.