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Hmmm had a fascinating day that began with doing a project at six in the morning that I should have had in on friday...but I did it and that is what counts.

Following my early morning project I went to my zero period gym class. I had had my coffee and was in a good mood. I worked out in the weight room after running around the gym several times and the preliminary stretches, then I proceeded to indulge in a rousing game of indoor soccer with my coeducated teammates. I recieved a soccer ball to the face. One would think that if you see a soccer ball coming at your face, you would run or move...but that wasn't possible as the girl who kicked it was directly in front of me and kicked up at close range instead of somewhere to the side. It was pleasant I proceeded to shout obscenities in between apologies to the couch for using was painful, but thankfully I did not end up with a bloody nose or black eye and the same girl managed to hit the couch in the back with the ball about three minutes later...also at close range. I felt vindicated.

Following this i completed the visual component of my economics project during spanish...then I sat through english bored out of my mind, stole a newspaper at break, and then went to econ where I listened to a 40 minute lecture on the evils of the social welfare system and how paying girls not to have babies would make it all better...I also learned that apparently abortions are easily acquired all throughout the united states and that I am an idiot for thinking otherwise. i was also unable to present.

Fourth period we recieved a visit from the associate superintendent because our teacher has been put on administrative leave and my classmates are too moronic to handle the situation rationally and in the proper and mature manner that they was quite embarrassing as the teacher who is replacing him for the rest of the year taught at my school for almost 40 years, is very competent, a good friend of our last teacher, and I feel should be treated with classmates can't seem to do that.

So rather than becoming annoyed by my classmates' juvenile behavior I drew a comic all about the issue complete with my talking about wanting to eat the superintendent's brain, and our old teacher enjoying his new position as a loan officer and happily studying to become a dentist. There was also a brief spot of my ap gov. teacher napping on the rug in the front of his classroom and dreaming about meeting FDR of whom he is quite fond...and of course he also dreamt about one of his colleagues making a fire in the mountains.... My classmates were all quite impressed and it lightened my mood about the situation considerably.

Fifth and sixth period were both unremarkable.

I also bought my mom a house plant today as an early birthday gift, it made me quite happy and I am calling it happiness. it is an umbrella tree, it is small but they can grow quite large and that excites me and makes me hopefull. My older sister is also coming up this weekend and it will be nice to spend some time with her.... I think that I am learning to be more optimistic...if increasingly cynical. I really wish I had video footage of my taking the soccer ball directly in the face, it was really funny and had me somewhat hysterical.


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a girl who is a pretty good s

a girl who is a pretty good soccer player kicked a ball into my boob from 6 feet away last year. it, obviously, hurt.

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