Back In The Mean Time...

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hey guys and gurls. yes im back for the mean time. basically, i havent done much apart from being ever so busy with my second year of nursing. you see, we've been put on 2 separate groups- 1 and 2, and what we have to do is spend basically 8 weeks in hospitals working alongside registered nurses and helping out with patients, giving medications and basically just do what the registered nurses do and i am REALLY enjoying my time and as days go by, im determined that this is my future career- apart from becoming an auto mechanic AS well as being a chef. so yeah, i've finished clinicals for the mean time and now i have essays due in. today was kind of ok seeing as i managed to get some work done in relation with my essay so im down with that.
for the past 3 days, i was feeling best friend who lives in the same house as me just completely shut me off and refrained from talking with me. i dont know what i did to her...but the thought of JB staying the other night occupied my head. i thought that maybe zoey got mad about JB staying over so i just let her do what she wants and not talk with me. but today, while i was in a lecture, i received a txt from her asking if i wanted to go shopping with her after my lecture and before she went off to clinical. anyway, i decided to keep her company and not discuss what had been happening for the past 3 days simply because it might just bring out the bitchiness once again.

if youre all wondering about JB staying over, its all sweet between us now. she told me how she feels and she called me a bitch/dick/uncaring person. probably because i went in the sack with her just left her hanging (her words not mine). it wasnt my fault...i totally planned that she was just going to be a random hook-up, but because leon said that she was an awesome person, i changed my mind and said that being friends would be much better than doing anything together. she asked me, "what makes you think that i want a relationship with you?" my reply...."well you asked me out. what else is there?" so yeah, we had a ciggie outside and talked for a long period of time. i suppose to deserved those names that she called me...but yeah, at least we're all good now. she's coming tomorrow with us to watch HOSTEL along with the others. we're going to watch the late/last movie so that should be fun fun fun, then most likely off to go clubbing hehehehe.

last tuesday was O-WEEK. it means that for the whole week before university started (too bad for us nurses because we started 2months ago grrr) the students get to have major fun! ie: get drunk every flippin day! anyway, there was a hypnotist who came around our campus and as always...i your one and only got hypnotized. it was major fun to be honest. it wasn't just me so that was even better! the things he got us to do was think that our chairs were vibrating; got us to kiss the closest person next to us no matter what their gender was; got us to think that all the guys in the room had small penises; got us to do whacked out dancing routines and loads more. all in all, it was just pure FUN!

i also found out that my mum might need to go and have insulin for her diabetes. i always told her to be careful of what she ate and not too much sugar...but does she ever listen? NO!!! definitely not, so now she's realising the consequences.

well i must be going now its 1.11am and im knackered...

much love xoxoxo