badabababa...I'm Lovin' It...

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Well ok today was ok except i had noone to talk to then gym rolls around this is like 4:30 pm or a little later. For anyone that doesn't know i go to an alternative school. I go to the 2-6 afternoon program. Anyway gym rolls around i forgot my sneakers i am wearing high heels so i can't play volleyball. This is my schools version of volleyball with a rainbow colored beach ball. I actually wanted to really play today opposed to other days. Well since i didn't have my shoes i had to do the stationary bike well my therapist her name is Tara. I love that name it is so beautiful i love saying it Tara. Well if you don't see yet i do have a little thing for her but i have already told her this you know for the whole honesty since she can't tell anyone by law. Getting back to what i was going to say before i was side tracked. Tara turns around because i am up on the stage where all the gym equipment machines are. She is putting down her keys and water and says "if i play are you going to cheer for me". Well i just nodded and then said yes which i know she didn't hear.

Well then Lisa my favourite teacher and kinda friend because i talk to her about almost everything that goes on in my life. Well this girl that rides my bike was supposed to cook but she wanted to play so she asked me if i wanted to so i said yes. We made Cheesy Potatoe Soup. It was so delicious i loved it making it cutting up the ingredients. Also the quality time with Lisa but i popped in and out so i could watch Tara play volleyball. It was cool seeing her moving around and things running she has a killer serve. It was nice after the game ended i popped out the kitchen because the door to the kitchen leads to the gym. So i walked over to were Tarra and this girl Ashley where sitting on the stage. I started to talk to Ash first then i casually acted like i noticed Tara. I was like nice job you were really good she was like oh thanks and things. Then i sat next to Ash for a bit none talking then i turned on my mp3 player and i know me and her Tara i mean like Louis Armstrong. Well i turned on a duet with him and Ella Fitzgerald and walked up and handed her the headphones and player she put them on and i walked away.

Then later on i went back to the class and she said beautiful song and liked it and just it was a good day after that. Also when i walked up to her she was like whatcha got as in meaning what did i want her to listen to. I also love the way she says my name sometimes when she sees me and wants to talk to me. She's like Alexisss like with this enthusiastic voice. Well have agreat week and talk to you guys later.