Che che chedaaaaaarrrrrr

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well guys n gurls, id jus like to express to u all how incredibly tired i am at this very moment. yesterday i got toots (my roomie) to drop me off in the city to go to leon's apt and start drinking with him. turned out we went to this dude's hosue for a party and yeah...drinks here drinks there- u know how it is. drunk and went back to the apt (which kenyth and i cannot remember btw). serious memory loss occured lastnight im tellin ya! well FAMILY was busy as always and blah blah blah...danced till the sun was shining with the help of some party pills babeyyyyy...we took JAX but i would rather have ICE bcoz it comes with an after pill which returns u back to normal basically hehehe. jax didnt have an after pill so u jus have to wait till u calm the fuck down.
anyway, kenyth "lost" his wallet which had the swip card to his new apt and that made things seem a bit down but it turned out that it was in the apt when we went back after the party (which was the incident that kenyth and i cannot remember).
we also went to kenyth's new apt and THE VIEW is outstanding! (FYI the view is like this concrete u cant see shit apart from this huge concrete wall lol)
then so yeah, around about 8am today we got back to the apartment and i jus laxed out ont he couch but i couldnt sleep bcoz of the pill i txted megan asking if she can pick me up bcoz the bus only ran once which was at 8am so duuuhh i jus missed it. so she picked me up from starbucks and we arrived at my aparment around about 11am this morning.

in the clubs, there were these girls who kept dancing with me and JB and it was mad funny bcoz she was basically shoving her armpit in our we both took off and anced somewhere else hehehehe...but yeah, apart from was awesome!

just knackered

much love xoxoxo


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OMG!!! FAMILY!! I totally mis

OMG!!! FAMILY!! I totally miss that place! I hear that it now has 2 levels?? And that Queen is shut for that to happen. I want to go back to Auckland... DAMMIT!

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