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Well, last Friday Daniel asked me to go to this youthgroup thing but I said I have to check with my guardians first so in the end I decided that I'd kum this week.

Apparently John, Michael, Thomas, Daniel, Teagan and a bunch of other people are also coming. It's gona be fun as. Woo! It goes until 9:30. Daniel keeps telling me how great it is to be a Christian (apparently I'm the only one out of all those people that ain't one :P). He said he's gona "amaze" me with his christianity 2moro. xD Before the youthgroup starts I'll be going to his house first anyways.

Oh.. when I learnt that he's Christian and that his dad owns a church, I kept bugging him one lunchtime lol. I was like "Do you pray to God before you go to sleep?", "Do you ask God for forgiveness for eating so much? (Lol, that was when we went to the tuckshop and he virtually bought like the whole shelf of food)" and stuff like "Do you give thanks to God for having such a awesome friend like me?" xD and "Does your dad preach sermons to you everyday?". He was cracking up and then when he asked me agen if I was really coming to the youthgroup I was like "Gay guys are allowed right?". - "Of course" :P

As of today... we had debating photos! I managed to skip a pe lesson swimming in the freezing pool because Dennis and I had to prepare for our debating photos during that period. Dennis is sooooo hot. I asked if I could take a pic of him with my fone and he let me. Now I kan look at him whenever I want to :D. The things he does is so cute too... if only.. if only we culd be together :(

A bunch of other stuff happened too.. but this is all I'm gona write. One thing that I want to ask tho is that if someone uses the word "gay" in a derogative way in front of me... am I supposed to say something? Or would that mean I'm too serious about everything and kan't take a "joke"/comment (Like I'm ruining the flow of the conversation... or that I'm not getting the intended effect of the speaker?)? Well, today when Atsu got a pe detention, he went "The teacher is so gay". I was like "Kan u not use the word gay?". Then he started replacing the word "gay" with "Max" everytime he was gona use it. It was pretty funni lol. Even Dennis was beside us and I think he heard.

Well, today our chapel service is about bullying and they had two people doing a play (they were both senior students but coincendentally also my debating coaches). They were talking about the bullying of a fictious guy that is "tall, skinny, and said he was gay" lol. Nixon beside me was saying to me "hey that's you" haha.

The whole coming out thing at school is still confusing me. I still duno if people are taking me seriously or not since we never really talk about the topic. (It's like avoided). And averytime the gay subject comes up I kan act in such a sacastically excited way people thought I'm just "pretending". I kind of figured that Daniel actually thinks I'm joking because he thinks I'm trying to be funny... but he's actually one of the people that I hope would understand themselves without me having to seriously "come out" to him. As for the people here on oasis, I'm just clarifying this so there isn't any misunderstanding to whether I have came out or not at my school yet. It's more of a mixed confused state so I don't want all those members here who wanted me to come out at school with their hopes up. =\


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dude, that's

As far as using 'gay' as derogatory, that's just a matter of opinion and personal feeling about the is funny though, that ur friend replaced gay with Later.
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Leave it

Leave the comments. You will end up with a reputation as a pedantic gay rights dude. If they act homophobic, then you object. Then again it may help convince them that you're gay.
Enjoy the youth group (hah!)

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