Christian Youthgroup was Awesome!

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Haha, so there ain't any old priest dude preaching to us with a cross on his back.

Well first I went to John's place. In the end, Daniel, John and I found it more convinient if I went to John's place instead of going to Daniel's place before the youthgroup starts because Daniel isn't going to turn up on time.

First when I was walking with Daniel, Mike, Steph, John, Rory, Thomas to their street... Steph was like this to Daniel "Hey is that guy (Mike) going to your place as well? (That was when I was still going to Daniel's house)". Then Daniel was like "No, why would he?". Then Steph was like "Well, because it seems like you're bringing a gay guy home alone." - Steph is funni xD

So I was at John's place doing some ordinary stuff... his mum prepared some really nice food for us and then John's dad dropped us off. There were people doing soccer, skating on ramps, dodgeball and all these stuff. It was kewl as. Then when the real thing starts a group of almost 1000 people charged into this hall lol... I swear someone will get trampled over and suffer severe injuries. We got the front seats. This band started to play and the disco and stage lights started to flash and everyone was jumping around lol. It was krazi stuff... The music was so loud I kan't even heard michael shouting right beside me. At first our little group stood on our chairs and kind of swayed to the music because we're not exactly the "outgoing" type of person. But then I thought I'd make the most of this opportunity so I grabbed Mike and started going into the crowd at the front and started jumping and shaking my head like krazi lol. I took a break in the middle to talk to Shailen, John and Thomas (Daniel was with his other group of friends) then went back in for the last two songs. Seriously I usually isn't this krazi... Mike was even kind of freaked out of how active I was. It was soooo awesome, the hype, pushing and shoving of each other. I was so hot after the whole thing.

The youthgroup band also played... Daniel's brother was on stage.. and he's equally as sexy as Daniel lol.

So after that, this guy came on stage and started talking about this Christianity stuff. When it was all over I managed to talk to Daniel a bit. I'm glad I came... I had a great time. Then my guardian came to pik me up. I'll probably go agen nxt wk.

All sweaty and energetic.. time to take a shower and tune down!


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Ah. This does sound like a church trying desparatly to connect with the 'kids' by trying to add rock music. Then again, maybe they just have some style. It wasn't Christian rock was it?

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headbangings fun...

Sounds like you had a good time...I could never go to a youth group event...I have before and all the guys there did was smoke pot and box the whole time....
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