Date.. :D

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SOoo.. I got a date.. *dances*
And the difference this time is that I've met the guy in real life. And he's totally hot and cute. And 22.. lol.. ik ik.. but, I really like guys that age, and I feel we connect much better than I do with ppl my own age. He seems nice and sincere, and even though I've been sort of reluctant and careful, he hasnt turned his back on me. Tonight we spoke on the phone for like an hour. It was really nice. He wants to go catch a movie sometime this week.

Wish me luck..^^



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good luck on your date.

Dude, good luck on the date. Hope it works out, even if the guy is a lot older than you.

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That's cool

That's cool. I'm still a little war of the age difference, but then again, who cares? Enjoy the date. Just be a little careful

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