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OMG.... it just gives me the chills everytime i watch that show...
Esp. the episode where Marco came out to Spinner, and then to his dad is another ep...
I'm working on a fanfic...
Its gonna be... interesting, to say the least
my 16th b-day party is this saturday. my mom is making me let my sis come.
she'll sit there, call me a fucking dyke and ruin my whole day.
but anyway, MARCO IS LOVE. I absolutely love him to death.... I guess maybe 'cause its just...
eh, i can relate. in all your desperation, you use your last resort - THE TRUTH - and then they FINALLY CHUT UP.
I just feel terrible for some reason...


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Ur not alone

Well I am a gay man, and Marco is the only reason I will watch Degrassi, he is just cute in my opinion. He is perfect bf material to me, but that is my opinion. I hope your sis doesn't act like a bitch to you on ur b day. O yah happy Early B Day by the way.

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heh... well, I was really dis

heh... well, I was really disappointed with Degrassi Jr. High when nobody ended up being a lesbian... it's was all a big 'misunderstanding' yet there's the totally adorable Marco on TNG! he's just so CUTE!!... hell, that's sounding so weird coming from me...

and i'm absolutely DYING to get season three on dvd.... and then four... i liked king of pain... made me sad though...

aaaaaand, my birthday was actually march 18th, but i'm finally getting around to my party. yaaaay.

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I agree with every word you s

I agree with every word you said about Degrassi. I love South Of Nowhere too that is my favorite off The N. I hope also that yor sis isn't a bitch on your birthday but if she is don't let it ruin your day. I know it's easier said then done.

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