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does anyone have a definition of "emo-goth"? a couple months ago my friend from out of state started to diss me and told me she was "emo-goth" and that i was a prep, which i am SO not. she was suicidal and everything. i felt so bad for her and wished i could have helped. but somehow she pulled through it on her own because now we're BFFEAE (Best Friends For Ever And Ever) again. but im still curious as to the "emo" part of "emo-goth". anyway, just lookin for something to say.

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Not sure

It's a kitty!!!

Anyways, I'm not too keen on labels, but I guess emo-goth is an individual who is a an emotional goth? O_0

Now I'm even more confused.

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An emo-goth is a contradictio

An emo-goth is a contradiction in terms.

See here for an explanation, particularly this bit.

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emo= emotional=label
goth= weird= label

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Goth = 80s subculture developed from the post-punk and college rock scene, mainly in Yorkshire.

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Haha,I would've loved to have

Haha,I would've loved to have met your friend.It would have been a splendid experience grilling her pretentious, elitist ass.I can't possibly come up with a worse atrocity than mixing the auditorial equivalent of diarrhea that emo is with gothic rock.I detest nothing more than scene elitism,especially if it is done by someone who is obviously what the teenage culture defines as a "poser."

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emo = poseur in denial got

emo = poseur in denial

goth is the real deal. emo to goth is like alternative to punk--they try to be like us but only preps and other poseurs fall for it

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Correct me if Am Wrong but

Correct me if Am Wrong but The Difference between Emo And Goth:
Emos Hate themselves Goths hate Everyone
Emos Want to Kill themselves Goths Want to kill Everyone
so Emo and Goth are opositive things!
so cannot be something like Emo-Goth!