eyes wide open

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I’m trapped

My pillow
Has thorns in it,
And though I toss
And turn,
Trying to force my eyes shut,
My face can
Stand neither the sting
Nor the burn..

So here I am
And desperate-

I can hardly breathe,
The air is still pungent
With memories
Setting my mind
Into the abyss,
And my heart afire,
Razing down
All the progress
I thought I had made-

So here I am
By a single thought.

I’m better off sitting
Here waiting for the dawn
Staring at the screen’s light
Typing frantically
in hopes that I will wear myself out,
but it only draws me further into
my darkness,

so here I am
and this song reminds me of you.


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Nice poem, I like it

nice poem...good job. I like it alot.