Fall Out Toes And Yayness!

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Crazy question! *This comes into play later in my entry, but not
everyone reads this much so I gotta ask up here*
Does seeing heterosexual couples kiss or make out or show any form
of P.D.A. gross you out???

Last two weeks have been absolutely crazy. Make that three weeks
actually. I meet the most wonderful woman in the world. Never in
my life have I been so giddy around someone. I know I sorta got
on this subject a few entries ago, but I was told that I needed
to get into some more details about it. It was when I went to the
cities for the week that she messaged me on myspace of all places.

I made my myspace account because a lot of my friends who are away
at college are using it, and it has become a very easy way to keep
in touch with them. I was never planning on actually meeting someone
there. Anyways, she had messaged me, just a simple "hey what's up"
making the small talk. The first thing that came to my mind was,
"Oh cool a new person to talk to. Awesome." Well, that one evening
of chatting for maybe 45minutes tops continuted the next day, for
nine flippin' hours! What the hell can I talk about for nine hours?

She lives near by, not in the same town as myself, but close enough
where I can go at least once a week to visit her. Unfortunately, she's
technically jailbait being only 17 while I myself am turning 20 this
year. Oh well, I've gotten over it. But shhhh, don't tell anyone who'll
care...But there was just something about her that automatically made
me think twice about her after that nine hour conversation. Her smile
is beautiful. Her humor fits in with mine.

All around she is just wonderful and makes me want to be better all
around. Plus the conversation with her has only gotten better as the
weeks went on. Whatelse can I say, there's now someone in my life that
means more to me than just a friend. I have never felt that before.

To continue on with what's been going on. My mother keeps asking if my
friend Joe and I are an item. I've totally given up on trying to tell
her that there's nothing between him and I nor any guy for that matter.
I don't know what it'll take to have her finally get to the understanding
stage of my sexuality. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp!

My sister and I have been talking a lot. She's told me a couple of times
now that she absolutely approves of my sexual preferance and has no
issues about it. And of course she asks the random questions. My favorite
one so far has been about heterosexual couples. Her boss is gay, and
they've recently been having a lot of conversations about homosexuality
now that they sorta kinda have something incommon.

Anyways, one day they were talking about how he is absolutely disgusted
when it comes to seeing heterosexuals kiss. It drives him nuts, so my
sister being the curious person that she is asked me if it grosses me
out. Well, it does not. I've been around it all my life and it's just
love. I told her that even we as a homosexual community have to be
accepting of the heterosexual community, just like how some of them try
to be accpeting of us.

This morning I had a job interview and I got the job, so I'm pretty
psyched about that. I start on Sunday. I get to work with Sammie, which
could be pretty bad since her and I goof around a lot. But it'll be
fun and I know I need to control myself. I'll do my best.

Another thing that happened to me this week is I broke my toe. Let's just
say when you were younger and your mother and father told you to pick
up your feet, yea listen to that comment. They really did mean it. :)
I kicked the gate infront of my room and it wasn't very hard, but I hit
the foot on there just right where it broke my little toe. I've never
had such a colorful toe before. Oh well, it'll heal sooner or later.

Well, last week during snowboarding my friend April broke her arm! I ended
up spending that night in the ER instead of on the hill. She was wearing
her Fall Out Boy tshirt from the concert she went to last summer, but in
order for the doctor to look at her arm we had to cut it off of her! So
I'm sitting there in the room with scissors in my hand cutting off her all
time FAVORITE shirt, ever! I felt so bad. I went home and the next day, I
went online and found the exact same shirt and bought it.

Yea, well, today I got a phone call from the company, "I'm sorry ma'am,
but our supplier no longer has that shirt in stock!" I almost shit my
pants. I was so flippin' pissed. So I sat on the phone with this lady for
a little while and tried to find a different Fall Out Boy shirt for April.
I'm still a little pissed about that, but oh well. Nothing I can do
about that now.

Well, that's all I've got for the time being. That's been my life for
the last few weeks and/or days. And never eat hard twizzlers, they do
not taste very great.