finally happened

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*sniff sniff* it finally happened. i no longer have a best friend in either of the states ive lived in. i would have written this earlier but i was recovering from the trauma. i mean, i havent had a best friend since i moved back here, but at least i had cassie. but now shes gone too. *lower lip quivers to keep from bursting out sobbing* i cant believe i let her treat me that way. im not a doormat (anymore).but i guess now i have my subconcious dukes up fighting off anything(one) that could end up hurting me again.


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Hurting is a good thing...

... if losing friends doesn't affect you, it means you never opened yourself up to them on enough of a level to really matter. For deep meaningful relationships to happen, you have to give people the access to your emotional core, and trust them with that access.

Depending on the circumstances, losing "best" friends is a good thing. If it because they don't accept you, the sooner they are out of your life, the better. Just be clear what happened, if that was the case, they responded to your authentic self by abandoning you. Is that really who you want as a friend?

Just don't blame yourself. You were authentic. They left. Only one party to blame here. And, like I said, the sooner you get these people out of your life, the better.