Flashbacks Saint Patrick's Day

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Lastnight I happened to be in Merchant City for my dinner at Subway. I decided to went into Polo for a "quick drink". I was totally pettrified and almost freaked out. It had been almost five months since I was there on Friday. I ran into plenty of regulars. That cute boy behind the bar still has sanity intacts. There is a new boy the cloak room. My only company there was Jamie in Mobile MSN. The distraction got the better of me I got another bottle of Miller and banished by belongs into the cloak room. I ran into Wendy and her pal. Wendy is very charming lady, she is possibly my mom age. They're both possible on the same diet: self-imposed starvation. She offered me somethings which I politely declined. I just went wondering around.

Two years ago on Saint Patrick's Day, I was surrounded by close friends from college, we had future ahead of us and we were all looking forward the spring break, summer vacation and third year. I was left virtually on myown. I failed to fit into a new group and only talked to a few people.

The following year Saint Patrick's Day ment nothing to me, over the summer things just got worst. It was a mixed blessing I finally found enough courage to go out to the scene and look for new friends. The problem was I over did and screwed up the summer school and missed my chance to go on to fourth year. Thanksfully I did well enough I be considered for grad school. I'd rather be with my friends working on projects than working on a distance learning course. I am still using the same facility through recipocal agreement, sometimes I started to feel stigmatized by questions people asked.

Antoher two flashbacks were marc and KennyD, I blamed them for the akward situation I was in last; I stood at the bar alone looking very confused. I didn't want to get too comfortable right now I have a responsibility of graduating from undergrad college and move on. All sorts of negativities just kept cropping on while I was making my way down to campus.

Lastnight was also another mixed blessing, I discovered that I didn't lose any of my flirtations. I chatted up a guy, but he told me I was barking up the wrong tree. He told me he's not comfortable being around an open gay guys let alone having a relationship or maintaining a friendship with. What's heck has he been doing in gay bar for the past year? Only that him can explain that to himself. We were really close to kissing. I decided that I have been hurted enough from over the top flirtation. I decided not to subject anyone to same sorts of annoyance. I said goodbye and left around 1 a.m.


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Yeah, that question of why is

Yeah, that question of why is that straight guy doing a gay bar also popped in my mind.

Hope things get more comfortable for you soon.

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I wouldn't know

It is common for a straight guys to enjoy going a gay bar, but he wouldn't stand in the corner looking miserable. Straight guys would normally become an honorable gay boy for one night and dance the night away. Standing in corner and pretending to mind his own business aren't really an option. That's my analysis anyway.