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This is kind of awkward to ask but where are the forum rules? i shouldn't search this hard to see them. When I signed up, there weren't any (I agree to this and that) terms of service.

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Here it's pretty much straight forward.. There are very few things you CAN'T say or do in the forum. And if anything unacceptable should occur, they* will edit or cencor it entirely. -harrassment and homophobia are two such.

hope that helps


*jeff or adrian

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It's all just common sense.

Treat others like you want to be treated. Offer your opinions, not personal attacks ("I think..." instead of "You're wrong, because"). No ads looking for sex. No ads looking for people in your area, although that seems to come up all the time anyway. And no linking to other sites if you don't participate in the site otherwise (people who sign up just to redirect people to their site, etc.)

Beyond that, we make it up as we go along.

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With rules, comes responsibility.

When I read both of your comments, I get a strong personal opinion of how a poster should behave. I think it is more responsible to have a general policy. As it seems, common sense is not common and for the most part doesn't make most sense. I am a strong believer of the first amendment but I acknowledge the fact that this is a private website in which the first amendment doesn't apply. So I would like to know where my boundaries are. I would really hate to suffer from an abuse in power because my views don't agree with the moderator's. "the troll who got there first," situation. Could you honestly imagine a society that operates on common sense yet only X Y & Z get the privilege to enforce the "common sense." It sounds like personal sense to me. When things are done based on the spur of the moment, fairness gets thrown out of the window and standards are not maintaind across the spectrum.

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We used to have a whole "Terms of Service" at one time, but it was more hassle than it was worth.

As one of the three(?) moderators here, it is freakishly rare that anything ever gets deleted. When it does, it is usually recent stuff like people who posted poetry in the forums (deleted once they put it where it belonged), people who posted a forum topic every time they posted a poem to tell people they wrote another poem (which is just pushing real discussions off the front page), and duplicate posts.

The guiding force is to maintain the sense of online community here. We have no restrictions on language. But we also want to dissuade this site from attracting people from outside its intended audience, like if there was a discussion forum for "dirty teen lesbian talk," which would attract high school boys creating accounts just to pretend they were lesbians. Or a thread where the boys are uploading pics of one another in their underwear. The site is primarily (at present anyway) for support, so that is the first priority and guiding principle.

The only thread I shut down recently (the bestiality one) wasn't even deleted, just closed. So, there really isn't a whole shadow government here.

But, honestly, I don't see the site getting more formal than that. Because when you do enumerate the rules, you get people who become forum nazis and if someone comes on and says "Hey, I'm a 13 y/o bi chick from Arizona," they would jump in with links to the terms of service, and quote them paragraph and verse that they violated. Now, it's just either ignored or someone kind of tells them it's a global site, so the odds of another girl in Arizona seeing that before it scrolls off the forum is rare, not to mention not the goal of the site.

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very odd

why are people posting non technical issues in the tech support forum? do they think it is a "support" forum?

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They do think that.