Glimse of the realworld, perfect rainy day and model trust fund kid

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Yesterday I went to enterprise studies working group. I found out there
I had to make a decision on joining a project group as soon as I arrive.
Well I joined a record company project. I am yet to find out more about the
project and what sorts of helps are required. I was asked to join them at
next meeting on Wednesday during Spring break.

I did couple sections of Database homeworks; I was feeling a bit tired and sleepy.
I had a massive nose bleeding yesterday and I was told by nurse advisor to
refrain from cafeine. I think I am having a bit of withdrawal symptoms.
The weather is feeling really fresh and wet, but not saoking wet. So
far I really enjoy, I think I am ready for more homeworks and possibly a movie.

Earlier in the morning I walked up to a therapist practice and I found out
there will be 12 week waiting list, before I see another one. I really want to
start seeing a new therapist perferably before the graduation. I guess
I am gonna have to get stronger and becomes reliance on councelling.


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Realworld?? AAAAH!

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"