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went to sleep at 4am this idea why but i think it came close to bcoz i was watching l word episodes lol. so i decided that i wasnt going to class today which started at 8am. so i woke up at 12pm, had breaki and started doin my case study for university. that was ok until i got texts from people asking wtf i was doin 2day. one stood out from JB bcoz she wanted to watch a movie...b4 the movie, we went to planet pool and played for like 30 talk about beating me...shes good as!!! and yet she told me that she wasnt....hmmm lol
well PLAN A was to go to the zoo & see her family (as she said lol) but she didnt fnish till 5pm and the zoo shut so PLAN B was movie. we were gona watch this gwyneth movie but we changed our minds and we watched DATE MOVIE which was hard out funny coz it was soooooooooo stoopid but funni. anyway, after that...we jus went to this park and sat there watchin this water feature thing and having a ciggie. then yeah she was telling me that across from where we were, she used to work at (its a bar/restaurant) and this slovakian chick in there didnt like her when she was there. so i told her that we should walk in there and i'll give that chick a piece of my mind- as we were walking past the place, she was llike hiding and stuff so i was thinking of jus going in there and yeah ugh! hahaha...basically jus talked about the same bloody thing...why cant i give her a chance....hmmm....then for some random reason, the topic of dildos came up...then she asked me if i would use it on someone....i said NO PROBLEM, if it there! LOL by this time, we were waiting for her bus whch never came until like 30mins later....then yeah. so i drove back home and got sarcastic comments from Zoey bcoz apparently i didnt invite her to the movies...well HELLO she doesnt like JB so yeah...i didnt think i would invite her...oh well she'll get over it eventually

much love xoxoxo