had a chance...

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i feel like so many other people on this website who are given perfect opportunities to come out to a parent/friend/etc. but let it pass them by. the other night my mom walked in on me crying while on the phone w/ my gf. she asked what was wrong and i said nothing so she left. two nights later she said that she was worried about me because i seem so sad. it was such a good opp. to tell her but instead i just said that lauren and i are fighting (which is true) instead of telling her that it's a pretty big deal b.c we're not just friends we're dating. blah it's confusing but i wish i had said something.


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i know what u mean...like i h

i know what u mean...like i hav had like 20 chances...but i never say anything

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That sucks... The thing a

That sucks...

The thing about these chances is that there's always more. Which is good. =)